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Alaçati(during the ancient time known as agrilia)is in the middle of the region known as ionia which lies from the south of izmir to the river of menderes.close ionia cities are ildiri(erythrai)sakiz(chios)urla(klazomerai)

Heradot has written about ionia cities as”people of ionia have built their cities under the best sky and best climate where we know as 1850,opening a channel from alacati till the port by the order of grand vizier,the marsh in alacati has been dried.haci memiş aga was the architect of this project.after chios,alacati is the only place where gum tree can be found. lavender, onion, melon, olive, orange, tangerine, artichoke, various aegean herbs are agricultured.alacati is in the important surf centers of the world.due to flat,shallow water but non stop wind,it is ideal for both surfers and beginners.